My Life, My Universe and My Everything

Hi There, 

Great to meet you!

I'm Richard (friends actually call me Rich) and I hail originally from the West Midlands, but now live on the Sunny (most of the time) South Coast of England.

I have been in the Computer Games Industry for many years, starting out as a freelance programmer back in the early 1980's and have worked as both a professional Producer and Programmer ever since.,127727/

At the time of writing this, I am 43 years old and the father of one boy James aged nearly 11 who I am bringing up as a (now) single parent.

I am currently setting up a Production consultancy business, working on an ambitious programming project (more on that later) and even dabble from time to time in online vending of products and services that I personally find really cool and can speak with some authority about...

[Aphelion Industries - Production Consultancy site to be linked]

My current employer has just announced the closure of the European office, where I was the European Development Manager and so I feel it's time to take stock of where my life is going and genuinely make a move out of the 'rat-race' as much as possible, hence my multi-directional skew into other directions.

The online-vending in particular is something I know very little about, but the more I read about it the more sense it makes and the more opportunities that seem to be out there for making a real go of something. 

I'm a great believer in 'trying things' and feel that it is the only way to get on in life. Too many times have I spoke to people who are comfortable with their lot and I honestly don't get it. I'm going to maintain a blog going forwards to share my experiences and progress, so if you're interested in that sort of thing and want to check out, please feel free.

The past catches up - 'Equinox'

I've kept up with the modern development methods since effectively retiring from full-time programming some ten years ago and know the only way to really learn new stuff is to actually do it (that's how I got started after all).

I have therefore decided to jump straight into the deep-end and I've set about developing a game engine for use in space combat / exploration games, scalable so that it runs on as many platforms as possible. 'Equinox' is designed to be procedural as much as possible in that the game will create 'hard' content based along a set of rules to create a rich, but largely development free gaming environment. 

I am designing the pipeline to handle Anaglyph rendering straight out of the box (them funny 3D glasses that is) and I want the game to be able to render to the best of it's capability on each platform it's designed for. 

The engine is coded in C++ using a mainly Mac-based development system (loads of details coming up in a separate blog on this shortly) and I intend to share my trials and tribulations on that as I go along, together with some hopefully entertaining insights into the lifecycle of what promises to be a fairly major project.

Anyone that has read my Geometry Wars Galaxies' blogs from a couple of years ago will know that I have fairly dry sense of humour and that is probably the only reason I'm still relatively sane after all these years..

About Me and James

My son and I have a pretty good life! He is, unfortunately, 'afflicted' with high functioning autism and asperger's syndrome, which has made life difficult and challenging for the both of us throughout the years. I have been lucky, in that, I've had great family support and back up when I've needed it and indeed my son is the one thing in my life that really shines.

I will post some photos of him and me in time, as well as share my personal experiences in coming to terms with some of the problems along the way. I'd love to hear from others will similar experiences and can offer literature and references that I personally have found really useful.

We are both avid Computer Gamers (no surprise)! James tends to favour the DS and Wii, although if pressed would mention Viva Pinata (both of them) Xbox360 as one of his favourite games.

Me, I have little more sedate tastes and prefer a good RPG. I was heavily into World of Warcraft for a while, but that proved far too time-consuming. At the moment I can be seen playing the rather excellent Dragon Age: Origins whenever I get a chance.

And Finally...

I shall be expanding and embellishing this homepage regularly and hopefully it will be a bright, colourful and interesting place to visit, so if you've got nothing better to do please check back here once in a while.

Until then, take care and all the best in your endeavours.

P.S I'm very wary of posting too much detail on too many things, so if you want to check out more specific information then please feel free to click on the links below:

[Online CV]
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[Synthetic Nightmares Homepage]
[Equinox - the blog]
[Online Vending and Internet Marketing - the blog]

By the way if you want to create your own sites with virtually zero effort, then I highly recommend 'Weebly' to do that (link below) 
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